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Hi, I’m Anne and Welcome to the Yoga Ladies Website. I’m on a mission to show you the benefits yoga can bring you our body and mind whatever our age or state of health.

About Yoga Ladies

About Yoga LadiesWould you like to try Yoga too? It has loads of benefits for everyone. You don’t need to be a 20 something or bendy to give yoga a go. I was in my later 40’s and completely unfit when I started. 14 years on and what a change. I’ve just turned 60 and now its time for a new start and this is it – Yoga Ladies I really want to share with you the difference yoga has made to me and I know it can do the same for you too.

Would you like to be fitter at 50, 60, 70 or older than you were in your 30s or 40’s? If so this is the website for you. You need virtually no equipment, just a mat, a smile and a good attitude. Keep showing up and the changes will happen. As one great yogi master said – you just need to be willing.



About Anne

I’m told you enjoy a back story. Here’s about me.

After taking an honours degree in Psychology and IT I started work as an IT geek. This was my career for 20 years but I always retained an active interest in Psychology especially personal wellness and development.

Certainly, I did no exercise, I hated it and thought the countryside was something to be ignored. I had a great career and was lucky enough to travel widely and live abroad from time to time. In my later 30s and early 40’s, I was disillusioned with all the travel and the unreasonable demands of work were making me stressed and physically ill. I had loads of minor health problems caused by long hours and unhealthy eating habits. Work had wrecked my personal life and was now ruining my body. Time for a change and I followed my lifelong hobby and became an antique Dealer.

The antique trading gave me just enough money to live off and offered the freedom to learn and to grow. Still, I found myself working long long hours and self-employed is not the easy option. My health was still a mess. I had multiple allergies, Asthma, Mortons Neuroma, Flat Feet and was catching every cold going. By my mid  40’s I was starting to put on weight and was looking a bit dumpy. My joints ached and I couldn’t walk two flights of stairs without having to sit down. Running for a bus was impossible, my blood pressure levels concerning and I knew I had to sort myself out.


Being vegetarian since my early 20’s I thought my diet was good,, I was wrong but didnt work that out at the time.  I joined a gym and huffed and puffed through various classes and routines eventually finding my way into a Yoga class. I loved it from the off.

Yoga Teacher

That was 15 years ago now and how things have changed. I’ve come full circle, working in health and wellness teaching yoga, meditation and relaxation as an aid to personal wellness and growth. Thanks to yoga my allergies and weight are under control. My shape is better. My asthma inhalers are long gone and my feet are much improved. I am much fitter all over. I rarely catch a cold and all those aches and pains have gone. Oh and I’m so much calmer.

Now I’m teaching yoga and starting Yoga Ladies. I just want to help you get similar benefits too. The website and membership are free


What you will find in Yoga Ladies

  • Access to the website is completely free
  • Lots of yoga, meditation and breathing exercises
  • Paths to Wellness through yoga
  • We have resources to help and encourage your journey to improved wellness through yoga
  • We use real people ( usually me) in the pictures so you can get an idea of what is realistic
  • You are encouraged to practice not to be perfect
  • The information you need to live a healthier and happier life through Yoga
  • Yoga for life, realistic exercise to improve our every day.
  • Encouragement and acceptance
  • A bit of fun now and them

What you will not find

  • Unrealistic expectations of you
  • Beautiful models in skimpy clothing showing their perfect bodies
  • Instructions on how to stand on your head or walk on water ( we are realistic)
  • A religious experience – I acknowledge the Indian origins of Yoga. Here it has been adapted for the modern western woman.

Coming Soon

  • What Yoga can do for us
  • How to start
  • Basic Poses
  • Easy Sequences
  • Meditations
  • Breathing Techniques


Let’s do Yoga together,  today and for life. I’m hoping it’s going to be a long, long an happy journey for us all. Please help me to help you and like or share my posts on Facebook or your favourite social media.