//Age Happy Stay Young With Yoga Ladies

Age Happy Stay Young With Yoga Ladies

Are you age happy? Who of us over 50 feel the same physically as we did in our 20’s or 30’s? I certainly don’t but I’m working at it through yoga, meditation and diet and I manage to feel good most of the time. Here are my thoughts on ageing and what it takes to stay healthy through our senior years.
Age Happy

Anne Age 59

Health issues keep cropping up and they get in the way of me but I’m still determined to  Age Happy. Things go wrong or they just don’t work as well as they used to.  I now wear contact lenses and shoe inserts have been a part of my life for the last 20 years. Sorry, I didn’t quite hear that, could you say again?

A fresh symptom crops up. Off I I would go to see my GP where the bored doctor didn’t really listening or review my history. He would write out a prescription for painkillers, anti-allergy pills or a referral to a physio.  Maybe I was just supposed to accept the inevitable and shut up and get on with it.  Does this seem familiar? I know it happens to so many of you too.  Maybe I expect too much ( my optician certainly say so) but I do want to feel more like I did 30 or 40 years ago.

Age Happy With Yoga Ladies

Actually, there is the same route cause and same answer for most of my symptoms. Its caused by lifestyle. I thought I had been quite health conscious but it seems I could have done more through my 20’s. the 30’s and 40’s. We just get to a point where ignoring health advice catches up with us and there is a big choice we can take which could make a real difference. There are always options and in this case, we can choose.


A.  Acceptance or Doing Nothing.

As we age our bodies can no longer cope with our lifestyles and are gradually declining. This will eventually lead to one or more of the metabolic symptoms; heart attack, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, age-related macular degeneration, arthritis or even senility. Our worlds get smaller, we tire easily, don’t venture out, spend more time just sitting around and of course, this all speeds up the process of decline. Eventually, we need help on everyday tasks, have to move into a care home an die before we should have too.  If you carry on in the old ways and this is your choice then I doubt very much that the rest of this article will be of interest to you. I can hear you now “ too old to change”, “ You won’t live longer, it will just feel like it”. Your choice and your loss, I prefer to age happy.

B. Change a little or change for a short time and then slip back into old ways.

Been there, done that. It’s the story of my younger life. Give up drink for a while, join the gym enthusiastically and then give up as its too much like hard work. I think even small changes are better than nothing.  If you cant manage option C then every little helps but the more you do then the more benefits you will have.

C. Change a lot

Adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle wholeheartedly. This is change with a capital C. Whatever our age, even in very late life and whatever our state of health, it appears we can benefit and improve our lot. It is possible to slow degeneration and many symptoms can be reduced or disappear entirely. We can have a vital and active life well into our 80’s and hopefully many of you in the 90’s or even dare I hope beyond. It is where yoga can help is most as well. look at the alternatives and say YES  to life.

What to change

This apparently requires us to look at at least 4 areas of our lives to age happy, aaagh. What exercise! Eat very healthily! For the smokers and heavy drinkers amongst us you already know what you are supposed to do. Then fourthly there is the need to keep out minds sharp which seems to require giving up stress and taking up the learning of new skills.
Painful though it may all seem I’ve decided to give it all a go although as a non-smoker and only very occasional drinker my personal worry list is not as long as some. If your thinking of exercise I have lots of tips here at yoga ladies and some special exercise notes for those of us over 50.
I want my retirement to be happy not plagued by illness large or small.  I’ve worked hard for 40 years and I deserve a lot of years having fun now. Anyone still with me?
Who am I to say these changes will make a difference? Besides my personal experiences, I am a yoga teacher and  I have a degree in Psychology from way back in the 1970s. I’ve always been interested in the mind, in people and in self-improvement. As someone who has always had an interest in reading about health matters, I have not always followed the advice given. I’ve eaten a very poor diet at times, not exercised and drank way over the recommended limits.
Playing with vegetarianism in my 20’s I used to say that in a good vegi diet all the foods began with the letter C : Chocolate, Chips, Cheese, Champaign ( you get the idea). I’ve been stuck in comfortable ruts that I was reluctant to get out of so I know how hard it is to move forward.
Mainly I think I have found the way to stay young for longer and I have a real passion to share this journey with anyone who wants to join in.

Why Stay Young ?

So why do I want to stay as young as possible for as long as possible? This is not purely about vanity or perhaps a Facelift would be an option. Actually, that would not solve anything but pure aesthetics. What I want is the energy to spend my retirement having adventures and exploring. Having worked hard all my life so far I feel this will be the time for me, to have fun and be happy. I need my physical and mental health to last for many more years and I am prepared to put the work in to give myself the best chance.
My mother had Parkinson’s disease and although she fought it bravely for many years she had a long and painful struggle at the end. I see friends not much older than me with life-limiting obesity and diabetes. Relatives have had cancer, heart attacks and emphysema.  Maybe just maybe we can avoid the worst of these or at least put them off for a few extra years.
So whos up for making these changes, having fun and being age happy? Please leave a comment or pop over to Twitter and let me know.
PS Staying open to change is important or so I’m told, Will update or amend anything which is found to be in error or where the evidence shows different to whats here.

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