///Are You Ready To Do Yoga ?

Are You Ready To Do Yoga ?

Are you ready to do yoga?  Not yet attended your first class? I bet you have loads of questions:

Let’s start at the very beginning
A very good place to start
When you read you begin with ABC
When you sing you begin with Do, Re, Mi, Do, Re, Mi
When you yoga you begin with a mat, comfy clothes, bare feet.

Yoga is cheap, loads of fancy equipment is not required. Let’s look at what’s good to start with.

Get Ready to do Yoga – A Mat

Ready to do yoga

The only piece of equipment you need is a mat. This is essential for your comfort and to stop your feet slipping. You will find your yoga much more difficult on a carpet and almost impossible direct on a polished floor.  Most yoga classes will lend you a mat to get you started although I have seen one or two studio’s who are starting to hire them out for a £1 or so per class.  It’s a great opportunity to try out the sort of mats before getting your own.

A yoga mat does not have to be a big investment. In fact, I suggest you start out cheap as you may not like the first mat you try.  Tesco currently have them for £5, TK Max has a good range and often have one or two on sale when you go into their shops. There is a fun selection below and I earn a small commission should you choose one of these :

A quick tip, new mats can be slippy to start with. Just give them a quick wash and they become much more sticky.


Ready to do Yoga – Clothing

There are no rules but do wear something comfortable you can move in. Elasticated waistbands may not be the height of elegance but in yoga they are good. Baggy trousers and T-shirts will cover up out lumpy bodies but what happens when you turn upside down or have your legs in the air? They fall away from our bodies and bare flesh is exposed. Try putting a vest top on under your baggy T-shirt.  Trousers can have drawstrings or elastic at the ankles, or you could be brave and go for lycra leggings.

In the summer this is all you need – a warm top is necessary for winter. Just a word about hoodies though – they are not good for inversions. The hood falls over your head making it difficult to see. If you only have a hoodie then try tucking the hood down the inside of the back of your neck. It works great with thinner materials.

Bare FeetBare Feet

Normally we do Yoga in bare feet, this helps keep us in place on the mat and stops us slipping. In cooler weather, it’s handy to have a warm pair of socks to pull on for the relaxation phase of your class.








Long hair falls over your eyes in many yoga postures and you struggle to see the teacher, I know from personal experience. Its personal choice really to tie back or not but I suggest you at least go to the class prepared with a scrunchie or ponytail band. When I am a student in a class I normally leave my hair loose. When teaching I want my students to be able to hear me clearly even when I am upside down so its ponytail time for me.


So now you’re kitted out and ready to do yoga. Good luck, and remember to enjoy it. Have I forgotten anything here? Please pop me a comment below to let me know.






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