///Beginning Yoga Practice Week One

Beginning Yoga Practice Week One

A little look at our Beginning Yoga Practice week One.

Try these poses at home if you like. For Beginning Yoga Practice Week One we are keeping the breath simple. Just try to breathe in and out through the nose as you practice.

1.Childs Pose.


Kneel on the floor with your bottom on your heels. Bend forward from your hips so that your chest rests on your thighs. If your head doesn’t quite reach the floor you can prop it up with your fists, a few books or a yoga block.

Beginning Yoga Practice Week OneStay here for a couple of minutes. Your hands can be forward or down by your ankles. Breath deeply.


2.Cat Cow Poses.

Take it gently. On your hands and knees start with a flat back. Now very slowly move through a few (3-5) repetitions of cat and cow.

Cat  Arch your back as high as it can go, tummy pulled in.

Cow Drop your tummy towards the floor and raise your chin

Cat Cow Poses


Go back to child’s pose for a few breaths

Return to cat/cow – repeat step 2.


3. Downward Facing Dog Pose.

Still, on all 4’s, have your hands under your shoulders. Knees are under hips and feet hip-width apart. Push your hands firmly into the floor. Bend your knees, push your bottom towards the ceiling and steadily come to Downward Dog. At this stage keep your knees bent.

Stay here for a couple of breaths before bending your knees and returning to all 4’s.

Have another go at Downward Facing Dog if you like.

4. Coming Back to Normal

When you have finished rest in child’s pose for a few minutes before slowly coming up to sitting.  Sit quietly and breathe deeply for a few minutes. This is important as it allows your body to return to normal.

I hope you enjoyed your beginning yoga practice week one, if so please share this and like my yogaladies facebook page



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