///Childs Pose Rest Here A While

Childs Pose Rest Here A While

Looking for a break between tougher yoga poses? Come do Childs Pose rest here a while.  Its Sanskrit name is Balasana. This is a great pose for resting in. Its also one with great benefits to our bodies.  Most complete beginners can tackle it although sometimes we may alter it to suit individual bodies.

Many think of it as an easy pose but I remember the first Yoga class I attended. Childs was not easy for me back then. I was asthmatic and the weight of my chest on my knees made me gasp for air. Only stubbornness made me stay and I was so relieved when the teacher told us to release from the pose. I’ve seen others who struggle too. difficulty kneeling or bending forward means it’s not as accessible as many think. So here’s the pose and a few suggestions to make it easier for you.

For all of you complete beginners remember, it will get easier, we are only practising and smile.

Childs Pose Rest Here a While.

Childs pose

Childs Pose

Why do childs pose?

  • It’s gentle on our bodies and easy to learn.
  • To take a rest between tougher poses and sequences.
  • It stretches out our backs.
  • There’s a nice tummy massage

When not to do Childs Pose

  • If you have knee injury
  • When you can’t get to the floor and back up.

How to do childs pose

You may wish to stretch to warm up a little before you start this pose. Savasana would be good.

  • Come and kneel on your heels with knees together.
  • Take a calming breath in and on the out breath bend forwards.
  • Your hips stay back towards your heels
  • Your tummy rests on your thighs.
  • Have your arms down your sides so your fingers are towards your toes
  • Relax your arms, relax your body, relax your head
  • Surrender and breathe, In through the nose out through the nose.
  • Hold it here for between 30 seconds and a few minutes. Childs Pose, Rest Here A While.
  • Return to kneeling


Modifications to make it easier

Too hard for you? Let’s try and make it more comfortable

  • If your knees hurt you can place a blanket under them.
  • A blanket can also go between your thighs and your calves if you wish
  • If your head doesn’t reach the floor you can use a block or two as in my photo here. Books or cushions could also be used.

 harder childs poseharder childs pose

Modifications to make it harder

Happy with the basic pose and want to progress?

  • Try with your arms outstretched, palms down. Can you feel the difference?
  • Stretch through your arms – It becomes a nice upper back stretch too.
  • Now keeping your heels and feet together move your knees apart.
  • Your body can ease down between your knees so that your chest rests on the floor.


Remember it’s Childs Pose Rest Here A While. How do find this pose? Keep practising and it gets easier.  Drop me a line here or pop over to my Facebook or Annie the yogi on twitter to ask more about it.



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