//Do Yoga, Eat More Plants, Smile

Do Yoga, Eat More Plants, Smile

Do Yoga, Eat More Plants, Smile.  The Yoga Ladies motto is Move More, Feel Better, Look Better and we achieve this through doing yoga, eating more plants and smiling more. We need this all-around approach to our health and wellness and that simply dieting or exercising is not enough.

It’s my simple recipe for health. It’s not a substitute for your Doctors advice on serious illnesses, of course, however, it will enhance your life. So, as a simple recipe, there are just the three parts to work on your mind, body and mental health.

I can testify to this from my own life. Its 15 years now since I started on my yoga journey and 5 since I started eating healthier. Yoga made a great difference on its own but it was only when I added more plants to my diet that I really started to feel really good. Now at 60 years old, I have no major health issues, I must be one of a very few at my age that can say this.

Do yoga, eat more plants, smileDo Yoga

Yoga works on both our physical and mental health. The physical poses, the breathing and the meditation combine together to work their magic on us. Whilst any one or two of these are better than nothing, it is the combination of all three which has real power.

With yoga already we can also start small and build up and it will also help. Your joints will be easier and your muscles and bones stronger. Your breathing becomes more free with practice and your mind calmer with the meditation.

Eat More Plants

How many portions of fruit and veg do you eat a day? The UK Government recommend at least 5 portions a day but they acknowledge that even more is better. A portion really is not that big and your health and mood really will Thank You for the change. You can download your own copy of the guidelines here . 

Eat one extra portion of fruit or veg a day every day for a week, then add in another portion until you reach 5, 6, 7 or 8 a day. Feel better yet? You soon will do as the vitamins work their way into your system.


There is power in our smiles. Something about the physical act of smiling improves our moods and makes us more attractive to others. Research has even suggested that smiling more can lengthen our lives.  Heres more about the benefits of Smiling.

Can you do it? Just start small and build up. Smile to yourself now, to the next person you see and the next one. Soon someone will smile back at you- you’ve made both them and yourself feel good if only for a little while.


Do Yoga, Eat More Plants, Smile

Now I come to the combined benefits of Do yoga, eat more plants, smile.

Our bodies look better with your lovely smile, the yoga postures and the added vitamins from the plants. Our skin is clearer and our eyes brighter. As we look better we have more confidence and we feel better again.

We get great feedback from others as we smile and the notice our skin looks better and that we move more easily – this encourages us onwards and makes us feel better again.


Please come back to Yoga Ladies soon where we will be lots of  Do more yoga, Eat more plants, Smile



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