//Where To Do Yoga Online, Complete List Of Sites

Where To Do Yoga Online, Complete List Of Sites

As promised, a great big list of websites where you can do yoga online. I’ve been doing yoga in front of the computer screen for some years now. It’s an excellent add-on to your real life classes. There are some great teachers out there sharing with us. But also some bad ones so take care. I suggest that you watch at least one of the teacher videos all the way through before joining in. Only you can decide if it’s the right level for you.

I suggest that you watch at least one of the teacher videos all the way through before joining in.

This list is in alphabetical order not in order of preference. Its a case of finding what suits you. Some are free. Others have free or very low-cost trials. I’m going to fill in more details over the next few weeks. Many of these sites have other offers to get you to sign up for a year at a time.

If I have missed your site please do get in touch and let me know.

Do yoga online Websites:



America based. Yoga as well as other exercises on this site. Seems a bit pricey per video to me but you do get lifetime access. For example a beginner course of 8 videos is$29.99

Do Yoga With Me

Ive used this one myself at times. Many free videos or $5 per month to access bonus vids. Worth a start

Dru Yoga

Specialising in Dru Yoga. 60 day free trial and then £9.99 a month. Also some free classes without having to sign up.

Ekhart Yoga

Based in Denmark, a site I have used regularly in the past. One month trial for 1 Euro. Then EU 12.50 a month. High-quality teaching. Over 2000 videos to choose from


This one goes along site a Fitbit monitor so not much use unless you have one.


Pay per class, prices seem to start around £7 which is expensive for one class on-line. Some yoga but also other fitness techniques. The classes seem to be real time (cant see the point of this really)

Free Yoga TV

Lots of free Yoga Vids but it doesn’t seem to have been updated since December 2016


Over 7000 yoga and new age videos so probably the largest site out there. You can join for 99c for the first month. Ongoing cost of $9.99

Movement for Modern Life

600 videos, 14 day free trial and then £9.99 / month. UK Based

The Yoga Collective

15 day free trail then $12 per month


30 day free trial then $12 per month

Yoga Anytime

15 day free trial then $18 per month. 1000  plus videos

Yoga Download

Yoga and Pilates. I had a years membership pf this site at one time but only because I got it very cheap with a Groupon. Its $12 per month but you do get to keep videos you download. a 2 week trial is available for $1


$18 per month. 15 day free trial.over 4000 videos.

Yoga International

30 day free trial the $14.99 / month. Very large site

Yoga With Adriene

7 day free trial then $9.99 a month


14 day free trial then £12.95 per month.


Do you Do Yoga Online? Please leave a comment below with your favourite and let me know if I’ve missed any sites off. Also, I recognise these sites can change their pricing policies.  This list can easily be updated if you would be so kind as to let me know any errors.

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