///Easy Yoga Warm Up

Easy Yoga Warm Up

I’m very aware that I’ve posted short yoga sequences without any warm-ups and its time to fix that. Heres my easy yoga warm up which I hope you enjoy. It’s important to stretch and mobilize before starting any exercise and that becomes even more vital as we age or if we have any health issues.

A thorough warm-up helps us to protect us from strains, sprains, and injury during yoga.  It’s also an opportunity to notice any aches and pains, any stiff areas or any parts of our bodies which need extra attention or perhaps should not be stretched for a few days. It starts the blood flowing to our muscles and mobilizes the synovial fluid in our joints. Like here, there is usually some breathing incorporated into your warm up as well.

It’s a nice easy yoga warm up to start with, your spine is mobilized in every direction and it would also serve as a gentle introduction to yoga for beginners – practice a few times until you feel ready to move on. Alternatively, it works as a morning, just out of bed sequence to get us going.

Seated Positions

easy yoga warm upToday’s warm-up starts seated. I show a cross-legged position. If you cant sit like this then please try sitting on a cushion or yoga block.  Alternatively sit with your legs out straight in front, again sit on a cushion if you prefer.

Remeber no pain. If it hurts stop that position or don’t go into the posture so deeply.


You can also sit on a yogacushiono or bolster. These are a little firmer than a normal cushion. I love mine. Should you purchase one of these below then I wil recieve a very small comission towards the running of this site 🙂


Easy Yoga Warm Up


Seated Meditation


Let’s start with some deep breathing. Breathe deeply into your tummy to feel it expand. Breathe out and your tum relaxes back again. A few deep breaths like this help calm us, separate us from the day and focus on ourselves.

Now take your breaths to the sides of your ribs and expand them sideways as you breathe in. Relax your ribs back as you breathe out. This helps to warm us from within, our entire chest cavity and the muscles between our ribs

Ideally, in Yoga, we breathe in and out through our nose. Of course, if you cant do this, perhaps due to a cold, then Please feel free to breathe through your mouth.






seated cat

Spine Flexions

I hope you are feeling nice and calm now and Let’s begin to move nice and slowly. The first exercise set moves our spine backwards and forwards.

Place your hands on your knees breath out and drop your chin towards your chest.

Round your spine backwards.

Remember to breathe as you go, Breath in as you move forward and out as you move back.





Now we work in the opposite direction.

seated cow

Breathe in.

The chin points up and the head goes gently back.

At the same time move your chest forwards.







Repeat back and forwards between these two moves a few times. Go slowly as you’ve just started warming up.

Arm Stretches

This pair of exercises stretches out our arms, shoulders and the sides of our body. Notice how the spine is twisted sideways.

Raise your arms up over your head and clasp your hands together point your index finger towards the ceiling.

You are gently going to bend to the left and to the right a few times. Go slowly don’t rush. Once you have done a few ( say 5 ) to each side then hold for a couple of breaths on each side.






Drop your arms down and clasp your hands behind your back raising them away from your back.

This gives a good stretch to your shoulders.

Hold for a few moments and release.







Seated Side Twist


I must admit I like twists, they feel good in my body.  They wring out your entire body starting the detoxification process and your spine twists like a corkscrew. I incorporate this twist every time I do an easy yoga warm up.

This is a nice gentle twist. Place your left hand on your right knee and just pop your right hand behind you. Can you see how it’s just my fingers on the floor? There is little or no weight going through them.

Next turn and look over your right shoulder. Don’t go too far if it’s your first time. Hold here and breath about 3 good deep breaths in and out through your nose.

Come back to your starting point in the middle and do this again on the other side.


Cat and Cow Poses

Now pop over onto all 4’s. Your hands and wrists should be directly beneath your shoulders. Your back is nice and flat. Spread your fingers wide. Does that hurt your hands? If so you can make fists with them which might make it easier. I will write more on hand modifications soon.

Your knees are straight under the hips and your feet flat on the floor. We are now going to do cat and cow alternating pose.

For cat pose, pose raise your spine high. Round it up as high as you can comfortably go. You can see why its called cat pose, just like an angry moggy with an arched back.







With cow pose, we change to the opposite direction. Your bottom goes into the air and your chin goes up. Drop your tum down so that there is a hollow in your back.





Alternate between cat and cow poses a few times, slowly does it. Breathe as you go.


Childs pose

Childs Pose

Childs Pose

You can now sit back on your heels for a nice long stretch in child’s pose before moving on to the rest of your yoga practice.







This sequence is great to do before sun salutations or any other more vigorous series of yoga postures.  Have you tried this easy yoga warm up? Please do pop a comment below and let me know how you’ve got on.

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