//Good Morning Mat Practice Motivation.

Good Morning Mat Practice Motivation.

Good Morning mat. Or is it ? Do you struggle to do Yoga first thing in the morning like I used to do? It’s harder first thing isn’t it?  Our muscles and joints are stiffer and this all makes postures tougher than later in the day. Has your teacher encouraged you to practice before breakfast like mine has? Just how do you motivate yourself ?

Good Morning MatWhy Practice First Thing?

Overnight our muscles and joints are relatively inactive. Fluids can build up and we can have aches and pains where we’ve slept badly or not moved for a few hours. Our systems are sluggish when we wake and many of us need a shot of coffee to get us going.

A spot of yoga will wake us up and get us going. It will calm our minds and put a positive outlook on the day. You will feel good that you’ve taken care of yourself as well.

Morning Practice Difficulties

Traditionally yoga was practised between 4 and 6 am. You can leap out of bed at this time if you like but I’m more in favour of simply establishing a routine when 15 minutes will serve us well. To start with I dragged myself onto the mat and started to practice as

To start with I dragged myself onto the mat and started to practice as normal. In a similar way to the afternoons or evenings. It doesn’t work for me. My body doesnt bend and stretch and my strength and agility are certainly reduced first thing and yes it hurts to try. I went from Hatha flow to Yin yoga in the morning thinking that would be easier. Wrong again, I hurt my back and it took me a couple of weeks to recover.

Good Morning Mat

How can we go to a happy Good Morning Mat? Stop trying to force it and simply do what feels good. I take a mug of coffee ( decaf of course) and sit in easy pose on my mat. I contemplate the day ahead as I drink my nectar.  A few deep breaths and it becomes clear what my body needs at the time. A few gentle movements around the hips, A side stretch or two and a forward fold. Somedays I do a little more but only exactly what I feel is right. 10 or 15 minutes sets me up for the day, gives me a positive spin and brings calm.

Of course, this isn’t the entire day’s practice. I’ve learnt for me that morning are not the right time for a full on asana practice, that comes later in the day.  Listen to your body, do what right for you and hopefully join me in saying ” good morning Mat”.

Do you yoga in the morning ? If so please pop over to Annie the Yogi on face book and tell all about it

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