//Guided Meditation Under The Moon

Guided Meditation Under The Moon

I have a lovely Guided Meditation under the Moon for you today. The moon has a huge influence on all our lives which is probably due to the pull it has on water. We see from the influence it has on the tides how much the moon’s gravity pulls on water. Our bodies have a high % of water so it makes sense that it would influence us too.

Heres a view of when the Full and New moons will be during 2018. You can use the moon meditation at any time you like but the days of the full moon maybe best for it.

I also have a lovely flowing yoga sequence Moon Salutations which you could practice before this mediation.

Guided Meditation under the Moon

Before you start

Find a nice warm comfy place where you can relax and won’t be disturbed. Sit in a chair or lye back and read the meditation. You could record it and listen to the meditation. I am hoping to add a recording of my meditations here in 2018 so check back regularly.

Guided Meditation under the Moon

Heres a lovely meditation you can use anytime you need calming or healing. As we know the moon has a great influence on water, just look at how it pulls the tides. Here the moon warms the water and gives it healing powers to soothe and relax you. Enjoy your guided meditation under the moon.



Lie back in Savasana.

Relax and Take a few gentle deep breaths

In your mind’s eye see yourself outdoors on a warm clear moonlit evening

Its warm and the weather is calm. You feel safe

You are standing by a beautiful pool and see your reflection in the water

You look up and see the stars and a glorious golden moon

The glowing rays of the moon are all around you and they light up the water

The grassy bank slopes gently down to the water and you walk to the edge and gaze in.

It looks so soothing and inviting that

You slip off your socks and shoes and dip a toe into the warm water and gradually step into the pool.

Then slowly you move deeper into the warm  moonlit pool

Each step down you feel the warm water soothing your body

You take 5 steps down and with each, you feel calmer and more relaxed

5,4, 3 feeling soothed

2,1, Thats wonderful.

The rays of the moon now spread positive energy through your body

Your feet, your ankles, your calves…

You sink deeper into the moonlit water

It relaxes your thighs, your hips, your torso and your chest ………..

You pause for a while and enjoy the  moon energies and the warm healing waters

You realise how safe you are here and gently relax back to float in the soothing water

It relaxes your  shoulders, your arms, your neck and the back of your head

Relax Relax Relax. Surender, surrender, surrender.

Let it all go.

As you float in the warm water you look up at the moon all stress and tension slip away…………

You feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Your energy is replenished.

Gradually you walk back to the edge and step out of the pool.

Notice how warm you feel. Your clothes are clean and dry

You replace your socks and shoes and then

take one last look at the beautiful moonlit pool with its healing energies.

Know that you can return here to this special place anytime you choose.

Take a few deep breaths and gradually come back to normal.


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This is from my continuing series of natural meditations. Have you seen the colourful rainbow meditation?

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