//How I Made It To My First Yoga Class

How I Made It To My First Yoga Class

Have you attended your first yoga class yet? I’ve found it life changing and really encourage you to give it ago. Heres the story of how I made it to my first yoga class.

How I Made It To My First Yoga Class

The Journey.

My yoga journey began many years ago, in the days before the internet. I had heard about Yoga and its benefits and I  wanted to find out more. A friend lent me a book.  Hmmm, so it gave me a load of poses to try. I moved into them – now what? The next one? With no explanation of how Yoga actually works that book soon went in the bin.

The next couple of books I bought met the same fate. I joined a gym with yoga classes but the classes were always full and there was a waiting list,  I made it to the top of the list just as I moved house and away from the area!

By my later 40s, I was very unfit. An asthmatic with all the usual inhalers. Tonnes of allergies and aches and pains. I struggled to hurry for a bus and had to sit down after walking two flights of stairs. What was that? A middle-age spread had appeared over my usually slim frame and all signs of my waist had gone. Something was changing and I had to too.

my first yoga class

Fitness Level

The local Virgin Active offered lots of classes including several yoga sessions a week. This required a year’s financial commitment and shed a load of determination from me.  Not understanding the true nature of yoga I thought at the start that I was too unfit for a yoga class.  I was wrong unless you are bed bound you are fit enough for yoga. I spent 6 very painful weeks using the exercise bike, treadmills and a personal trainer before I plucked up the courage to try a beginners yoga class.


My journey in coming to yoga was delayed due to my mistakes and misunderstandings. Here’s what I learned.
Toal newbies, Do go to a class as your first experience of yoga. If you fancy giving it ago find a real-life teacher and try a beginners class. If you really can’t attend a class then learn from the internet or a DVD. Personally, I encourage you to try at least a few classes before going it alone. A book will get you nowhere at this stage although a vid might.
Your fitness level is not important to start but I suggest that you check beforehand that the class you are about to attend is suitable for you. All yoga teachers will be happy to discuss this with you beforehand.
You can find yoga classes near you on the internet but if you feel that is a step too far at the moment then I am here to support and encourage you. I also have a few yoga videos on Youtube
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