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Do Yoga with Anne

Are you looking to do Yoga one to one rather than with a large group?  Join one of Annies Yoga Classes for a tailored individual experience. Perhaps you cant attend a group class or want more personal attention than is possible when there are 15 or more others in the room?

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Anne’s Yoga in Person

Anne’s Yoga is special as it focuses on you and where you are now. This is not one size fits all. We will have a 20-minute chat ( Free of charge) before we begin.  This will enable me to judge where you are and the sort of Yoga that would be most suitable.

This is Yoga for the whole person not just for specific symptoms however it is very helpful for a range of conditions,  I am helping ladies who are overweight, some simply want to be able to get down on the floor to play with Grandchildren. I’m working with a lady with fibromyalgia and another with restricted vision.

For example, if you are feeling stiff we will work on flexibility. Stressed? Then we will incorporate more breathing and meditation. Lots more options are available too.

Cant get down on the floor? No problem, you can yoga from a chair.


My diary is now full until May 2018 at which time there will be an exciting opportunity to do Yoga live with Anne on-line in the privacy of your own home.

I will be running individual sessions via Skype so you can join in from anywhere in the world. The classes can be for one person or join in for a couple of your best friends if you have the space available.

An excellent opportunity to do Yoga with a 500-hour qualified level 3 yoga teacher with 15 years experience of yoga. The sessions will be individually tailored to your needs.  They are particularly suited to those who are over 50, overweight or simply unfit and want to make a change in a sympathetic environment.

Watch this page for more detail soon.


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Contact me if you would like to pre-register and I look forward to seeing you in one of Annes Yoga Classes soon.