//Introduction to Chakras Meditation

Introduction to Chakras Meditation

Heres a lovely introduction to Chakras meditation to help help us discover our Chakras and to bring more energy balance into our lives.

The Chakras are the seven power centers in our bodies that help to move our energy around. These are not physical organs like the heart or brain, I like to think of them existing at the same level as emotions and thoughts.

When the Chakras are working properly energy flows around our bodies freely and we feel good. They can, however, become stuck and clogged up at which point we loose balance in our lives . When the Chakras are not turning smoothly life is dull or relationships difficult, communications can be blocked and your self confidence low.

This introduction to Chakras meditation helps us to become aware of the energy centers and starts to free them . It would be helpful but not essential to practice some physical yoga before this meditation.

introduction to chakras meditationBefore we begin

Sit comfortably . You can sit in a yoga meditation pose or sit in a chair with your hands in your lap and feet flat on the floor. Either way your back wants to be upright. You will be here for about 10 minutes and dont want to fall asleep.

Breathe deeply a few times to the count of 4 . In and out feeling your belly rise on the in breath and fall on the out breath . Relax, Relax, Relax.

Introduction to Chakras Meditation

Next time you breath in follow your breath and take it down to where the weight of your body is resting.

Here, below the base of your spine, is your Root Chakra

Breathe the colour red into your Root Chakra

Imagine roots going down from this area into the earth

Feel grounded as energy rises from the earth into your Root Chakra


Next time you breath in take your breath to your spine below the level of the belly button

Here is your Sacral Chakra

Breathe the colour orange into the Sacral Chakra

Imagine the setting sun shining onto your Sacral Chakra

FeelĀ  nourished by the setting suns rays shining on your Sacral Chakra


Next time you breath in take your breath to area below your breast bone

Here is your Solar Plexus Chakra

Breathe the colour yellow into your Solar Plexus Chakra

Imagine the rising sun shining on your Sloar Plexus Chakra

Feel warmed by the rising suns rays shining on your Solar Plexus Chakra


Next time you breath in take your breath to your heart

Here is your heart Chakra

Breathe the colour green into your Heart Chakra

Imagine the green healing your Heart Chakra

Feel loved and loving in your Heart Chakra


Next time you breath in take your breath to your throat

Here is your Throat Chakra

Breathe a sky blue colourĀ  into your Throat Chakra

Imagine the sky opening your Throat Chakra

Feel your creativity flowing from your Throat Chakra


Next time you breath in take your breath to between your eye brows

Here is your Third Eye Chakra

Breathe the colour indigo into your Third Eye Chakra

Imagine the indigo filling your Third Eye Chakra

Feel clarity in your Third Eye Chakra


Next time you breathe in take your breath to the top of your head

Here is your Crown Chakra

Breathe a pale violet colour so its bathing your Crown Chakra

Imagine your Crown Chakra reaching to the universe

Feel at one with the world all beings


Now bring your awareness back to your whole body

Breath into your whole body

Imagine the energy flowing through your whole body

Feel your whole body energised

Allow this energy stay with your for the rest of the day


Now just return your breath to normal.

Wriggle your fingers and slowly open your eyes


I hope you enjoyed this introduction to chakras meditation. Before too long I will delve a little deeper into each of the energy centers so Please pop back soon. In the meantime you can find me over on Facebook

Thanks for reading

Anne x




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