//Muscles and Bones and More

Muscles and Bones and More

I never knew there was so much to us. Muscles and bones and joints there are so many of them. I never realised quite how complex we all are until I tried learning them for my yoga teacher training. So for all of you contemplating a 500-hour course here is what you are letting yourself in for.

muscles and bonesMuscles and Bones:


Over 600 of them in the body but for a 500-hour YTT course, you need to learn about 50. Simple? Well, not just the names but where they start, where they end up and of course what they do. The major groups are The shoulder girdle, Shoulder joint, rotator cuff muscles, arm and leg muscles, the vertebral column and anterior abdominal wall muscle. There are muscles in the pelvic girdle and the hip joint as well.  I’m in the middle of all this at the moment – if book learning is not your thing then maybe a 200 or 300 hour course would be better for you.

As well as the actual muscles we need to learn how they are structured and the detailed structure of them. How do they actually contract to bring about movement and where do they get their energy from?

Bones and Joints

Bones are not as difficult as muscles as there are fewer of them and are more naturally obvious. You have to know about their detailed structure, how they are formed and how muscles pull on them to make us move.

Joints are important too and we learn about their structure and all the different types in the body. The shoulder joint is quite different from the elbow and the joints in the hand are different once again.

Circulation and respiratory system

All about the heart, lungs and our veins and arteries. The passage air takes in and out of our bodies and the journey, blood takes through our hearts and bodies. Did you know that the heartstrings are real? Something I’ve just learned, they attach our heart valves to the body.

Nervous and Endocrine Systems

How does one part of the body communicate with another? Messages pass through these systems. As part of the yoga teacher training, we learn how these work as the structural and chemical levels

Energy System

Movement, breathing, and living all takes energy which of course comes from food. The course takes a look at how this happens and the three different pathways which food is turned into energy

Posture and Core Stability

Now, this is interesting and quite applicable to yoga, I’m going to make that the subject of my next blog.

I hope this has given an idea of the work involved learning muscles and bones and more in the 500 hour Yoga teacher training. It takes up quite a few of the 500 hours. If you’re old like me much longer than the number of hours you would expect.


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