//Should We Yoga Every Day?

Should We Yoga Every Day?

Ooooow, I ache. My arms ache, my shoulders ache and my legs as well.   I think I’ve overdone my yoga. Actually, I know I’ve overdone my yoga. I bet you have too on occasion. So how did that happen? Its supposed to be Yoga Every Day isn’t it? But how does self-care fit with yoga every day? Just how often and how much should we yoga?

I did a tough session on Monday and then my regular class with Carol on Tuesday. Clearly too much for me. I knew that I was too tired for my regular class last night but l went anyway and was soon taking all the easy options. On days like this should you rest or still do yoga?

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There are two ways we can look at this:

Exercise Science View

Exercise science ( and Government heath guidelines)  tells us that we should do something every day. Science also says that we should rest for 24 to 48 hours between tough training sessions to allow the body to recover.  This is where I went wrong. I should not have had a tough yoga session on Monday and another the day after. It tells me to do something every day so the day before my regular class I should do something a lot gentler.

Yogi View Point

As yogis we believe in yoga every day but also in self-care.  We need to stay fit and healthy to help our students and to participate fully in life. Gentle yoga every day will help us enormously. A daily session to the peak of our abilities isnt essential.

Do We Yoga Every Day?

Now we’ve examined them, it looks to me like exercise science and yoga agree. Something every day but lets leave 24 to 48 hours between peak training sessions. Today I will do a little foot yoga and a little meditation. Tomorrow I may be gentle on myself too



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