//Stay Calm This Christmas

Stay Calm This Christmas

The holidays are almost upon us again and we would all love to stay calm this Christmas. Is that even remotely possible? With all the shopping for food and presents, cards to be written, gifts to be wrapped, parties to attend and food to be made.  I bet your to-do list just goes on and on like mine. no wonder we get a bit tired, frazzled and worn out.  I for one fully understand why just after the holidays has the highest rate of folks filing for divorce.

As an enthusiastic yogi, I can find calm and respite in yoga and meditation but this year I have a little extra help which I would like to share with you. I have a very special completely free Christmas gift for every one of you which should help you all stay a bit calmer too.

Stay Calm This Christmas

Relaxation and meditation come relatively easily at the end of a yoga class when you have your teacher to help guide you into a place of peace and calm. But what about the rest of the time when you need a break and to re-charge your batteries? Well, I have discovered Thrive a super on-line app which can help bring you to your happy place. Whats more the lovely people at Thrive are so convinced that you will love it too that they are giving my readers a month free trial during December.  There is no need to add your card details or pay anything at all with the code I am going to give you.  Exactly what we all need to stay calm this Christmas.

Stay Calm this Christmas

What is Thrive?

Developed by British mental health professionals to help with common conditions such as stress and anxiety, Thrive is an app you download onto your phone or pc. From the off, you are greeted with relaxing music ( switch that off if you wish) and colourful paradise island scenes.

Initially, you answer a few questions about how you are feeling and Thrive guides you to areas you may wish to work on. Actually, for me, it was reasonably accurate. It suggested I delegate work and get more sleep. The intention of the app is to help train you to become a calmer, more relaxed and stress-free person.

There are three islands which you can move between at will with each island having a theme. The first is guided deep breathing, meditation and relaxation. This is a bit like your teacher guides you through during your yoga class.

ThriveThe next island has mindful challenges. A zen garden like Buddhist monks draw and a cute game to play. Each keeps your mind occupied for a few moments so you can forget the rest of the world.  The final island helps you keep track of your progress, your moods and the things that influence them.  You can see how your moods go up and down through the month.

Give it a go?

By the way, I have not been paid by Thrive to write this article. I genuinely think its worth having a free trial and seeing if it works for you. There is nothing to lose and maybe you will stay calm this Christmas.

I suppose you want your free code now? This is valid from the 1st of December to the 31 December 2017. Why not help your friends too? You can share this code with all of them.

How to access Thrive

1. Visit www.thrive.uk.com/signup – Click the option ‘I have a coupon’ and then
enter your details to create an account.
2. You will then receive a verification email, click the link in this email to confirm
your account. Enter the coupon code ‘FSFDEC3107
3. Go to your app store or click www.feelstressfree.com to download the app,
once downloaded you can login and begin to explore.


Before you go

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Thrive Again




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