5 Best Yoga Cool Down Poses

Yoga Cool Down happens towards the end of our practice. This is quite the opposite of the yoga warm-up phase we have at the beginning of the practice. The purpose is to help us safely [...]

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Easy Yoga Warm Up

I'm very aware that I've posted short yoga sequences without any warm-ups and its time to fix that. Heres my easy yoga warm up which I hope you enjoy. It's important to stretch and mobilize before starting [...]

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Childs Pose Rest Here A While

Looking for a break between tougher yoga poses? Come do Childs Pose rest here a while.  Its Sanskrit name is Balasana. This is a great pose for resting in. Its also one with great benefits [...]

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Beginning Yoga Practice Week One

A little look at our Beginning Yoga Practice week One. Try these poses at home if you like. For Beginning Yoga Practice Week One we are keeping the breath simple. Just try to breathe in and out [...]

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