//Why Go To The Yoga Show ?

Why Go To The Yoga Show ?

I’ve just returned from the Om Yoga Show in Manchester. It was an interesting experience and I’m taking a look at if and why we should go to the Yoga Show.

The show takes place in both London and Manchester each year. I’ve been to the London one a couple of times before and this year was my first visit to the Manchester venue.

We arrived about 20 minutes before the doors opened and parking was free and close by. The queue was short at the time but this was before 10.oo on a Sunday morning.

Event City was the home for the show. Nice and clean and enough facilities so there were no queues for the ladies which is always a bonus. The stalls seemed to have enough room too.

why go to the yoga show

Are you a swinger?

The Yoga and Classes

The real reason I wanted to go to the yoga show was to try an Aerial Yoga Swing Class. I’ve fancied this for some years and not had the opportunity. Like many other of the classes, this has to be booked and paid for in advance – an extra £5 for 30 minutes which is not unreasonable.

There were lots of other choices of free and paid classes and each of the three days the show is open has a different program of teachers and classes. My advice is to take a look at the program in advance and choose the sessions you want to attend. Book early for the paid for sessions as the popular ones are sold out long before the day.

As for my aerial class, I didn’t get what I’d paid for.  There was a stand in a teacher who ran a class different to the one advertised. A bit of a shame, however, the positive side I still managed to try out the swings. The class I attended reminded me of Plates on a swiss ball. Not what I’d imagined Swing yoga to be but still quite fun.

I spent just 5 minutes in one of the meditation classes before walking out. The venue was so noisy I couldn’t hear the leader properly.

The stalls

You could spend hours wandering around the stalls. There were plenty of studios selling their retreats and teacher training. You could subscribe to OMYOGA magazine for a discount price or buy a new yoga mat. Personally, I bought a bolster, a new strap and 2 pairs of colourful yoga pants. There are a few yoga books I’m looking to purchase but disappointingly there were no bookstalls.

Mind and Body Show

Entry was free to this with your yoga show entry ticket. Most of the food stalls ( all vegan I think) were inside here. If you want a past life regression, a psychic reading or any other New Age therapy then this is the place for you. One stall holder got quite irritated with me when I refused her services “Why come to a Mind and Body Show if you are not going to have a reading? ” she snapped? Well if I ever think of having a reading it would be with someone more sympathetic than that lady.

Why go to the Yoga Show?

Reasons to go:

If you want to try a different style of yoga to usual

To actually meet those offering a training course or a retreat in advance

Discounted mats, bags and other tools

To share the atmosphere with like-minded yogis
My only regret is not actually signing up for the discounted OMYOGA magazine. I bought a copy for a £1 and find it most useful.


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