//Yoga Journal 1st Entry 4 May 2017 Gayatiri Chant

Yoga Journal 1st Entry 4 May 2017 Gayatiri Chant

Yoga Journal 1st Entry 4 May 2017

My newly chosen course requires me to keep a 60-hour yoga journal. Thought the blog would be a perfect place for it.

Thinking about keeping the journal and what a pain its going to be. Quite a lot of work involved in writing up 60 hours of training.

Seemed to wake up very tired and with a bit of a cold this morning and doing asanas was really unappealing. Whilst eating porridge and fruit for breakfast, It came to me to start learning the chants that I found on the YogaProfessionals website. I understand the value of chanting, setting up good vibrations inside ourselves. The big problem is that they are in Sanscrit, The ancient language that no one actually speaks these days. At least that means there is no correct or incorrect pronunciation a bit like ancient Greek.

I listened to a couple of chants, printed them off, followed the words and started to join in.

Firstly the Gayatiri Chant.

Ive come across this one before at a yoga festival.

Aum Bhoor Bhuwah Swaha,
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasaya Dheemahi
Dhiyo Yo Naha Pachodayat.

The Gayatiri Chant is thought to be the oldest know prayer. As I started to chant I found myself walking up and down slowly to the rhythm of my words. Suddenly a thought popped into my head how nice this would be bare footed so off came the slippers. A very pleasant experience almost like a walking meditation. I doubt that I could speak the Gayatri Chant out loud without the words to read still.

As you can see on WIKI the verse can be translated in many ways. Gayatri is the five-faced Goddess and is supposed to bestow wisdom and enlightenment on those who chant it. Despite practising for 45 minutes I have not felt at all wise and enlightened today. Must be the germs.

Its now 4.00 and still feeling a bit off. Im going to try a few gentle asanas and see how that goes.

Practice time 45 minutes

Logged into Ekhart yoga as I still have 2 weeks left on my membership and chose a gentle practice by Geoff Pheonix.

Starting with legs up the wall for 5 minutes. In my case that was legs up the sofa and bent at the knees. Very comfortable and comforting. Next into child’s pose for a good stretch. Right arm under left and across with right shoulder on the floor. Hold the stretch for a few minutes then open up to all fours then open to the right-hand side with right arm high. Sit back on the heels and repeat a couple of times. Nice. Repeat on the other side. There were a couple of slow vinyassas before a final deep twist ( the one I call mermaid twist but don’t know its real name).

At the end, I chose to do a few things, Im, working on for myself. Feet and toe strengthening via hero pose. Also, A forward bend when high on toes. Added a few squats into this before dropping to sphinx/seal for some back bending. Finally a supported wheel over a low stool. A fish to counterpose and a short savasana.

At least I felt well enough to carry on and Yes a bit perkier now. Something I am learning; just because I feel ill there is no excuse for not doing Yoga. Yoga always makes me feel good.

Total practice time 40 minutes

Todays total 85 minutes.


Have you tried the Gayatiri Chant? Do tell about your experiences with it.


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