//Yoga Teacher Training Found

Yoga Teacher Training Found

I’m so excited 😊At last I have found my perfect yoga teacher training, I’ve been accepted, signed up and ready to start really soon. I’m going to blog the journey here as hopefully, some will find it interesting.

The process of finding the right training has not been quick or easy. I didn’t want to do a short intensive course as I was worried ( at my age) if my body could stand up to it. Also, I preferred a course near home as driving a long way is not for me either.

The Search

Initially, I found a home study course which from the advertising looked perfect. It had the advantage of being cheap and only one day of face to face assessment was required. When it arrived I could see why it was so cheap. It went straight back for a refund. Honestly, I was worried that I would be safe teaching after just that course. They did offer a full money back guarantee for the first few days and Yes they did refund without a problem.

Next, I found a course within daily travelling distance from me which was good. It was undertaken over a year but was on the pricey side. Never the less I decided to bite the bullet on the costs and investigate further. An initial phone call seemed to go well and I was happy to attend one of their classes to see if we both liked each other. On the verge of signing on the dotted line, I started hearing bad things about the studio. Not just from one person but three in the end. There were negative on-line reviews as well. This shows the importance of asking around and not just jumping into the first course you find.

YMCA Yoga Training


My searches have eventually lead me to yogaprofessionals.net who run their Yoga courses via the YMCA. A bit strange as I’m neither young or a man but they were happy to let me have a go.  Cost wise its half way between the cheap home study course and the expensive studio course. However, this has several advantages: It’s the full 500-hour qualification – the 2 options above are the 200-hour ones. The course is Skills Active endorsed and I will end up with a YMCA level 3 diploma in Yoga teaching. This will permit me to teach in gyms if I wish as well as privately.  A good qualification, fairer price and reasonably local. What more could I want. ?

So Ive signed on the dotted line, paid the price and anticipating the start of a year of hard work.  I will be back to tell more soon.


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